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    Meetings aren’t always super cool. Meetings are often very, very boring. But here’s some good news.

    We’ve got a twist or two up or sleeve. Feel home and get inspired at the same time in one of our four conference rooms. We offer smooth technical set-up, cool conference breaks, lunch and dinner in our own restaurant, daylight and modern equipment in all meeting rooms, all to make sure a successful meeting. Oh, and we’re one of the few in Vilnius offering spacious parking for our conference guests free of charge.

    Key points in short:

    • 4 x urban design music themed meeting rooms sized 104, 47, 32, 28 sq.m.
    • Modern equipment
    • Day light in all meeting rooms
    • Free underground parking
    • Creative menus for coffee breaks, lunches and dinners made by famous restaurant TIME
    • Free fast WiFi

    Meeting rooms


    Inspired by The Rolling Stones song we create a space where you can get satisfaction organizing business meeting or personal event – anything what gives you satisfaction. Moreover, in this 104 sq.m. meeting room everyone can choose a room layout either theatre, classroom, u-shape, round and etc.


    As John Lennon was singing „Imagine there‘s no heaven…, Imagine there‘s no countries…“ and you can Imagine 47 sq.m. conference room which is the best place for training, company meeting or any other events, which you can only imagine.


    Do you know Aretha Franklin song „Respect“? she was singing: „ What you want, Baby, I got… What you need? Do you know I got it?“ and she was damn right. We do have all what you might need for cozy meeting in our 32 sq.m. conference room decorated with cassette posters.


    American rock band the Beach Boys song „Good Vibrations“ planted the idea to create conference room which is ideal for breakout sessions or boardroom-style meetings. All participants sit around a table creating good vibrations.

    PARKING SPACE – inspiring space for events

    Our underground parking is a perfect space for making a different event. You can rent 508 sq.m. underground parking place where by using your imagination you can create any kind of event from fashion show to random celebration. Be different, choose parking space for your inspiring event.


    E-mail: conference@choice.lt
    Tel.: +37069457651

    Come to us, all you white or blue collar business people and scruffy creatives!

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